Thursday, March 25, 2010

Summer Fading . . . - An Update

Here is an update on my upcoming CD entitled "Summer fading . . . "
  • I have narrowed down my selection of original songs to include on the CD (see below)
  • I have burned rough drafts of the songs to CD and sent them on to Dan Duggan at Esperance Productions in Red Creek, NY. Dan has agreed to be my recording engineer and production assistant at his recording studio.
  • I am hoping that Dan and I will find some time in April or May for a multiple-day session to work on arrangements and lay down the tracks
Here is the list of original songs as it stands now, arranged somewhat seasonally. I am also considering a few additions or alternates.
  1. HoneyBee Song -- (Spring)
  2. Cry of the Loon -- (Spring)
  3. Road to Somewhere -- (Spring)
  4. Poison Ivy† -- (Summer)
  5. Thia's Song† -- (Summer)
  6. Mr. Guitar Man -- (Summer)
  7. Summer Fading† -- (Late Summer)
  8. Free Range Chicken† -- (Late Summer)
  9. Looking So Hard for Love† -- (Late Summer)
  10. Black-eyed Susan -- (Autumn)
  11. White Mountain Memories† -- (Autumn)
  12. For Emily† -- (Autumn)
  1. Pass the Bottle 'Round (in memory of Dave Venepol)
  2. Labor Day Night
  3. Can't Take Me Now
  4. Time Apart Together

You may recognize some of the oldies but goodies from my first CD, Glitch Unplugged. Meadowlark Music Camp attendees might recognize a few, as well.

Songs associated with Meadowlark Music Camp, Washington Maine - either written at camp or on the long drive home

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