Saturday, July 6, 2013

Summer Fading . . . A Preview

Here is a selection of songs from upcoming CD, "Summer Fading . . . "

Bear in mind that some of these are just very rough cuts. A few are more polished as they were also used in a previous project.

  1. HoneyBee Song -- (Spring)
  2. Cry of the Loon -- (Spring)
  3. Road to Somewhere -- (Spring)
  4. Poison Ivy† -- (Summer)
  5. Thia's Song† -- (Summer)
  6. Mr. Guitar Man -- (Summer)
  7. Summer Fading† -- (Late Summer)
  8. Free Range Chicken† -- (Late Summer)
  9. Looking So Hard for Love† -- (Late Summer)
  10. Black-eyed Susan -- (Autumn)
  11. White Mountain Memories† -- (Autumn)
  12. For Emily† -- (Autumn)
  1. Pass the Bottle 'Round (in memory of Dave Venepol)
  2. Labor Day Night
  3. Can't Take Me Now
  4. Time Apart Together

You may recognize some of the oldies but goodies from my first CD, Glitch Unplugged. Meadowlark Music Camp attendees might recognize a few, as well.

Songs associated with Meadowlark Music Camp, Washington Maine - either written at camp or on the long drive home